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The dash subcommand opens a dashboard to explore the results of the UQ runs.

This requires duqtools to be installed with additional dependencies:

pip install duqtools[dash]

or, when installing the development version:

pip install -e .[dash]

To run the command:

duqtools dash

Check out the command-line interface for more info on how to use this command.


The dashboard runs in the web browser and needs a reasonably recent version of firefox or chrome.

If you run into issues and the version on your system is out of date, we recommend using firefox. The linux version is portable, so you can download and extract to your home directory, and run it via the firefox executable.

Data input


Duqtools stores all run metdata in a file named runs.yaml. By default, the dashboard tries to load all the output data specified in this file.

From a CSV file

Alternatively, you can import data by the IMAS handle from a CSV file.

The CSV file must have contain at least 5 columns, including: user, db, shot, and run. The first column is used as the index. The index can be any string or number, as long as it uniquely identifies the row.

For example: